Why Use Small Business Forums?

With figures showing that 65% of businesses in Australia are operated from home, running a small business can be a lonely life. Why not share your experience or learn from others experience by joining small business forums.

Small Business Forums usually have a great mix of experience across a variety of industries, different lengths of time running a business and a diverse mix of skills. You’ll often find accountants, lawyers, computer gurus, designers and a whole lot more. Each will often be ready to share their knowledge and answer questions that you may have.

Here are a couple of the reasons you should consider joining one.

1. Starting Up a Business

Starting a Business can be a daunting experience with so many decisions to make and a whole lot of red tape to go through depending on what type of business you’re starting. With a small business forum, you can tap into the knowledge of people who’ve been there and done it before. Ask the group a question, you’ll be sure to get an answer from someone that’s knows what you’re trying to achieve.

2. Growing a Business

Small Business owners wear many hats and are time poor. If you’re looking to get an answer to a specific problem, a small business forum could be the way to go. What piece of technology do I need to do this, how to I get the best of an under-performing sales employee, how do I get my website to the front page of Google are some of the common types of queries asked on forums. There will be an answer to yours too!

Now that I’ve sparked your interest, you’re probably thinking which forums should I join?

I recommend starting off with Australian based forums as obviously the laws and regulations are different to other countries. Having said that, overseas based forums can provide some great business ideas and are well worth checking out.

Here are a couple of small business forums in Oz to get you started.

Flying Solo (www.flyingsolo.com)

Flying Solo is the biggest small business forum in Australia. Its focus is on micro business. Apart from the huge forum (over 30,000 members), Flying Solo also provides great articles on business management and a business directory to get some exposure. The forum itself is very lively with great small business discussions. You’ll definitely find an answer to your question here.

Small Business Forum (www.smallbusinessforum.com.au)

Small Business Forum is not as big as Flying Solo nor as busy, however, there are some skilled entrepreneurs on this board. With a focus on marketing, this one will help you get some ideas on growing your business.
You can also you google to find others but the above two would be a good starting point in learning how forums work and will give you the chance to scan the questions and answers to give you a good sense on how it works.
Small Business Forums are a great way to get a quick answer for your small business problem.

Check one out today. Looking for a job, check our What Makes A Good Job Hunt!